Strobepro XPRO 600W HSS Studio Strobe


The Next Generation

The Strobepro XPRO 600 HSS studio strobe changes the game.  Huge advancements in strobe technology make this our flagship plug in strobe.  

Top of the Line

The XPRO 600 HSS offers an amazing feature set at an incredible price.  It has more features than strobes 5x it's price and is backed by the Strobepro 2 Year warranty.

(HSS) High Speed Sync

HSS changes the game. Never worry about shutter speed again.  Gone are the limitations of your camera's sync speed.  The XPRO 600 HSS enables users to shoot at shutter speeds up to 1/8000 of a second. Try doing that on another strobe! HSS on Fuji, Panasonic/Olympus and Pentax is not compatible on the XPRO strobes.

Strobepro X Series Wireless

The XPRO 600 HSS has the X Series receiver built right inside.  Just pick up the optional Strobepro XT Radio Controller and you've got full control over the strobe right from the camera.  Best of all, the same controller commands all other Strobepro X Series products including: X60 Speedlites, X360 Strobes, X600II Manual and TTL Lithium Strobes plus all future Strobepro strobes.   Full power control, group control and firing from your fingertips.  Mix and match whatever you want.

2 Year Canadian Warranty

The XPRO 600 HSS includes the Strobepro 2 year Canadian warranty.  If you need service we've got you covered right here in Canada.

Freeze Motion Easily

Sports, kids, dancers and all other fast movement can easily be frozen with HSS and the XPRO 600's lightning fast recycling time of less than half a second. The XPRO can also shoot High Speed at 10 shots per second.  You won't find a faster strobe.

Short Flash Duration

The t1 flash duration is 1/316s - 1/28984s

8 Stops of Power Adjustment

The XPRO 600 HSS can dial all the way down to 1/128 power in 1/3 or 1/10 increments (8 full stops).  This means you can dial low enough to use your fastest lenses for silky smooth bokeh. Great for portrait and newborn shooting.

Groups Galore

Go ahead, add a whole army of XPRO 600 HSS strobes to your studio.  You've got 16 groups and 32 channels which are all controllable of the same Strobepro XT controller. 

Huge LCD Screen

Easily see all your settings on the bright backlit LCD screen.


Flash Mode
Manual, Multi, HSS 
Guide Number 1/1 76

Flash Duration (t0.1)

High Speed Mode

1/316s - 1/28984s
Stable Colour Mode
1/416s - 1/4983s
Colour Temperature Stable Colour Mode
High Speed Mode
HSS Mode
Power 600WS
Recycle Time
Approx. 0.05-0.9s
Output Power M
Multi Flash 99 Max, Freq. 30
Sync Speed
HSS to 1/8000s
Flash Delay
MASK Function
Recycle Beep On/Off
Slave Mode S1/S2
Display Flash Duration
Wireless Control X Series Canon,Nikon,
Sony, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic,
Controllable Slave Units
16 groups: 0~9,A,B,C,D,E,F
Range 50m (164 feet)
Channels 1-32
Sync Triggering Mode 3.5mm Sync Port
Weight 2.96Kg (6.5lbs)
Flash diameterΦ14CM,
height of flash with handle 23CM, length of flash with lamp cover 41CM


1 x XPRO 600 HSS Strobe
1 x 150W Modelling Lamp
1 x Glass Cover
1 x Protection Cover
1 x Power Cable


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    Agence d.

    Best strobe I ever own!

    Very happy with this strobe. It is a great product and the company have a fantastic service. StrobePro is a great company! Thanks to StrobePro team! Claude


    Strobepro XPRO 400W HSS Studio Strobe

    Thank you for making those instructional videos - they helped so much! I've only tested the strobe once but so far no glitches and the controls are intuitive to use. I have been triggering it in slave mode and it works so well I don't think I'll need to buy a wireless trigger. I wish I'd done a little bit more research and purchased the 600W instead of the 400W - the 400W isn't quite powerful enough for my 5ftx5ft softbox. Even with my camera at ISO 600, Shutter speed 25, and the strobe set at 1/1 power, it is just passable. Because the softbox is so large, there's a limit to how close I can move it without it getting in frame. However, this isn't the fault of the strobe, its a lack of research on my part. Looking forward to using this with other light modifiers.

    Jess D.

    Excellent quality

    Very happy with this strobe. Easy to use and set up and goes low enough in power to photograph newborns at a wide aperature but high enough for all other applications.

    Jess D. verified customer review of Strobepro XPRO 600W HSS Studio Strobe
    Quinn C.

    Incredible value!

    This light does everything I need and more. Incredible recycle time, and having the t0.1 numbers right on the LCD is great for action photography. Once again I was not disappointed by strobe pro’s service and products.

    Quinn C. verified customer review of Strobepro XPRO 600W HSS Studio StrobeQuinn C. verified customer review of Strobepro XPRO 600W HSS Studio StrobeQuinn C. verified customer review of Strobepro XPRO 600W HSS Studio Strobe
    Alexandra G.

    Great product - great service

    When I came to Strobepro, my questions were answered effectively, and with knowledgeable guidance. I am totally impressed with the strobe I purchased and will be using them again!