AD400 Pro Bundle

New Strobepro Bundles!

2020 hasn't been easy, so we're reducing the difficulty level with some exclusive pricing that will get you everything you need to get started with outdoor flash photography!  Just choose your modifier from the drop-down menu, and be sure to pick up a controller if you don't have one already.  Check out our bundles for the AD200 Pro, AD300 Pro, AD600 Pro, and AD1200 Pro as well!

10' Air Cushioned Stand

Our new bundles come with the tried and true Strobepro 10' Air Cushioned Stand.  It is lightweight yet sturdy, and provides a sufficiently large footprint to help you contend with the elements (though a sandbag or an assistant is still recommended when the wind picks up).

Your Choice of Modifier

We offer 3 choices for the AD400 Pro Bundle.  These are Strobepro staff picks! For ultimate portability and perfectly rounded catchlights, go with the 25" Rapid Pro Beauty Dish.  Want something a little bigger and softer?  The AD400 Pro is able to punch through some larger modifiers outdoors, so we've included the 47" Rapid Pro Octabox, and even the massive 60" Rapid Pro Softbox as options with this kit (mileage may vary depending on time of day).

The strobe that's just right!

The Godox AD400 Pro strikes an excellent balance, being a relatively small and portable monolight, but with the power to start getting into some serious high speed sync (HSS) photography.  It's a perfect do-everything kind of strobe.

The Strobepro Difference

Everything sold at Strobepro comes with our in house warranty, serviced directly by our Calgary headquarters.  If there's ever a problem, we're just a call, email, or video chat away.  


-Godox AD400 Pro with Bowens Adapter
-10' Air Cushioned Light Stand
-Your choice of modifier (select from drop-down)