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27" White Beauty Dish

The Monster of All Beauty Dishes. 

This is the largest beauty dish we carry.  It's massive 27 inches make some of the most beautiful head shots possible.  Beautiful soft light with perfectly circular catchlights, look stunning.  If you've got the space, this beauty dish will be you're go to setup after one shoot.

Fits Any Brand

Pick your speedring! The 27" beauty dish can change speedrings for different brands with four screws in a matter of seconds.

The New Trend

It's no wonder everyone is using beauty dishes more and more.  They're awesome, easy, fun to use and produce unique light.

Includes Diffuser 

The diffusion sock is included and will soften the overall output of the light without affecting the beauty dish characteristics. 

How are they used?

Beauty Dishes are a favourite light shaping tool of fashion, glamour and portrait photographers who have moved beyond soft lighting and who want to emphasize high cheekbones and good complexions.

Beauty Dish Light Features

Unlike the light from soft boxes, the light is very controlled and directional. It's ideal for back lighting and rim lighting, and for when vignettes are wanted. A free diffuser is included. This softens the light when needed and creates a light similar to that of a soft box.


Will fit any brand strobe with optional speedring insert.  


  • 27" (70 cm)
  • Quality of light: Soft but directional light
  • Modelling lamp:  Modelling lamps must not be left switched on when the Beauty Dish is fitted with a honeycomb grid, to avoid overheating


1 x 27" White Beauty Dish

1 x Speedring

1 x Diffusion Sock


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