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30x30 Inch Perfect Product Photography Kit

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Perfect Product Photography

Sometimes small items are difficult to light just right.  The Perfect Product Photography kit solves all your problems quickly and easily.  You get even soft lighting across the entire range.

What is it?

It's basically a big fordable diffused fabric box.  The diffused sides allow light to enter evenly from 4 sides and the top.  There's a zipper in the middle panel to allow your camera in, or you can take the whole front panel off.

How do I light it?

Any way you want.  The box does all the work.  Use any type of light. Strobes, continuous, hot lights or LED.  If you don't have any lights you can take it into the sun and the panels will diffuse sunlight softly as well.

Includes 4 Backgrounds

The kit includes 4 backgrounds that Velcro onto the back wall and floor.  Red, Blue, Black, White.

Transport Easily

The kit folds down just like a reflector.  Small enough to fit in a backpack or under a car seat.  It's perfect for product or food shots on the go.


1 x 30"x30" (75cm x 75cm) Diffusion Box
1 x White Backdrop
1 x Black Backdrop
1 x Red Backdrop
1 x Blue Backdrop
1 x Carrying Bag

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