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32 Inch Speedlite Pro Octabox with Grid

No Speedring Needed

That's right, no speedring.  Just open like an umbrella and slide the shaft into any umbrella adapter.

Sets up in Seconds

It's as simple as an umbrella, with the control of a softbox.

Includes the Grid

Yes you also get the egg-crate grid included for free.  Create separation and depth and eliminate spill and flare.

Built for Speedlite Flash

The speedlites are designed to fit directly inside the box.  Face them forward for a hard light or towards the back for a traditional softbox look.

Add the Bracket

The optional multi-boom bracket is specifically designed for the Speedlite Pro series.  It allows you to position your softbox with two speedlites inside. Highly recommended, plus you'll get $10 off when you add it with the softbox.

Deep Profile

The deep profile allows the light to be diffused more evenly for maximum output. The front edge of the softbox is recessed allowing grids and the ability to easily feather the light.

Easy to Transport

It's as compact as an umbrella and lightweight for travel.  Perfect for wedding and travelling photographers.

Simulate the Sun

The octagon shape is designed to mimic the sun.  It creates natural looking round specular highlights in the subjects eyes.


32" (81cm)


32" Speedlite Pro Octabox

Multi-boom Bracket (optional)

Egg-crate fabric grid

Outer Diffuser

Carrying Bag


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