9x12 DYEPRO Muslin Backdrop- Red


New Material

For 2015 we've introduced our new DYEPRO Machine Dyed Muslin Cotton.  You'll notice a much softer feel, more vibrant colors, easier to wash and it's really easy to steam out any wrinkles.


Leave the paper at home and save yourself the headache. Dyepro muslin backdrops can easily be folded and brought with you to various locations. Carrying bag included.

Rod pocket at one end

All Dyepro muslin's have a 4" pocket sewn on the 9' end.  You can easily hang the backdrop by feeding the crossbar through it.

Machine washable

Dyepro backdrops are machine washable up to 30 degrees Celsius or simply clean the backdrop using a damp cloth.  They have minute wrinkles naturally. Any prominent fold lines or wrinkles can easily be steamed out.


We use the highest quality cotton muslin available, together with high quality dyes for true vibrant colors.


Not too big, not too small, the perfect size for most situations. 

No Reflections

100% cotton to absorb the light and help eliminate reflections.


Made from one piece of material. Dyepro backdrops are also sewn along the edges to prevent tears.

Color Accuracy

*Please remember that Dyepro backdrops are machine dyed, therefore the pattern and colour may vary slightly from the backdrop pictured. Computer monitors often display inaccurate colours if not calibrated.