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Black Friday Bundle: AD600BM with 47" Rapid Pro Octabox

Tried and True

The original AD600 is legendary.  It democratized portable power in a highly dependable moonlight,  There's a reason why it's still in production long after the release of the AD600 Pro.  It just works, and its value for money is unrivaled. Speaking of value, grab up this bundle and you'll receive an AD600BM with our 47" Rapid Pro Octabox, all for just $15 more than the regular price on the light alone!

Bowens, Manual, HSS

The AD600BM is the manual (non-TTL) version of the AD600, but it retains support for high speed sync! It uses a Bowens mount --  easily the most popular mount on the market today, and what all Strobepro modifiers use.

The Strobepro Difference

Everything sold at Strobepro comes with our in-house warranty serviced directly by our Calgary headquarters.  If there's ever a problem, we're just a call, email, or video chat away.  

47" Rapid Pro Octabox

The AD600 has the power to punch through some larger modifiers outdoors, so we've bundled it with our big-and-soft 47" softbox!  At four feet across, this softbox can give you some amazingly soft light without being too unwieldly.  It's the perfect go-to for a wide variety of shooting scenarios.


-Godox AD600BM
-Strobepro 47" Rapid Pro Octabox