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Black Friday Bundle: FV Hybrid LED with Rapid Snap Softbox

A Cutting Edge Combo

This special bundle combines one of Godox's most unique lights with Strobepro's newest softbox design.  Choose between the FV150 or FV200, and either the 36" Octa or 24"x36" Rectangular Rapid Snap Softbox.

FV Hybrid LED Lights

LEDs with a twist. The Godox FV150 and FV200 can also operate as flashes, offering you an extra stop of peak power for your still photography.  While these are still video lights primarily, any hybrid shooter will appreciate the added flexibility.  You'll also appreciate the simplicity of the self-contained monolight design. No external control ballast to pack with you. Just plug it into the wall and you're good to go!

Rapid Snap Softbox

Our Rapid Snap softboxes are our newest additions to the Strobepro lineup.  Its clever design allows the Rapid Snap Softbox to fold flat without the need for an umbrella mechanism.  They store away with half the width of our Rapid Pro Softboxes, and they have a clear centre allowing you to attach gels with ease.  If you haven't seen one in action yet, you're missing out!

The Strobepro Difference

Your purchases at Strobepro are protected.  We offer a 2-year warranty on any light we sell, and a 1-year mechanical warranty on everything else.  If you ever need service or support, our Calgary showroom and warehouse is just a phone call away.

Limited Stock!

We are clearing some stock in our LED products, and we expect to sell out of some models.  Our special clearance prices will only be available while stock lasts.


Choose one (Select from dropdown):

-1 x Godox FV150 Hybrid COB LED Light
-1 x Godox FV200 Hybrid COB LED Light


-1x 24"x36" Rapid Snap Softbox
-1x 36" Rapid Snap Octa Softbox