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Black Friday Bundle: Manual Speedlite Duo

Starter, main, or dessert

Speedlites can form the backbone of a highly mobile studio, or they can become nimble accents or background lights that supplement your bigger strobes.  They are a valuable part of any flash system at any stage of your photography.  Don't miss this opportunity to pick up your first two⁠—or to grab a couple more⁠—at a special Black Friday price!

The Strobepro Difference

Strobepro is the largest distributor of Godox products in Canada.  Give yourself peace of mind with Strobepro's helpful staff, in-house 2-year warranty, and Calgary-based service centre.

AA or Lithium

These manual speedlites come in two flavours.  Choose the TT600 as our more budget friendly option, or opt for the V850ii which offers significantly improved longevity and quicker recycle times thanks to its rechargeable lithium battery. (Select from dropdown).

HSS Capable

Though the TT600 and V850ii are manual speedlites, they support high speed sync (HSS) when fired from a supported Godox controller.  This allows you to use shutter speeds beyond your flash sync speed, which is useful for freezing subjects in competing light, or just cutting ambient light in general.


*Select from dropdown:

-2 x Godox TT600 HSS Wireless Speedlite


-2 x Godox V850ii HSS Lithium Battery Wireless Speedlite


-1 x XPro or X2T radio controller