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Black Friday Bundle: Mini Flashes + S2 Bracket

Small but Mighty

You'd be forgiven for underestimating these little guys, but the fact is that Godox's TT350 and V350 flashes will often do the job of a full-sized speedlite.  Do you shoot single portraits, or small products? Do you wish you had a flash that you could take anywhere with you? Perhaps this Black Friday special is the excuse you need to find out what you've been missing!

The Strobepro Difference

Strobepro is the largest distributor of Godox products in Canada.  Give yourself peace of mind with Strobepro's helpful staff, in-house 2-year warranty, and Calgary-based service centre.

AA or Lithium

The TT350 and V350 are essentially the same flash, but for one difference.  The budget-friendly TT350 uses two AA batteries, and the V350 sees improved recycle times and longevity thanks to its rechargeable lithium battery.  Choose your flashes from the dropdown (While supplies last. Some models specific to some cameras are unavailable).

Modular and Practical

Having two of these flashes opens up a variety of configurations! Position one in your softbox and use the other as an accent.  Double up in the S2 bracket when more power or faster recycle times are desired.  Mount one on your camera and use its radio master mode to control the other!  Adding a second flash more than doubles the creative possibilities.

S2 Bracket

The S2 bracket allows you to attach one or both of your flashes to any modifier that uses a Bowens-S mount. Your speedlites are open to Strobepro's entire range of softboxes, reflectors, beauty dishes, and more.

Radio Master

If you like to work with a combination of on-camera and off-camera flash, the V350 or TT350 is an ideal commander unit. At less than 300g and with a lower centre of gravity than a typical flash, your wrists will thank you after a long day of shooting.


Small though these flashes may be, Godox did not skimp on advanced features!  Use TTL to automate your flash power whenever you can't control the distance between your flash and your subject. High speed sync (HSS) functionality will be limited in this power category, you can still make good use of it at near distances.


*Select from dropdown:

-2 x TT350 TTL Wireless Mini Speedlite Flash (Choose your camera brand)
-1 x S2 Bracket


-2 x V350 TTL Wireless Lithium Mini Speedlite Flash (Choose your camera brand)
-1 x S2 Bracket


-1 x Xpro Radio Controller