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Boya 35C-L Audio Input Cable for iOS devices

Record to your smartphone

This cable allows you to record from any self powered mic directly to your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS device (Lightning connector required).

Cleaner audio

The Lightning connector supports 24 bit audio recording with a 48kHz sampling frequency.  Your built in microphone jack may not.

Works with the BY-WM8 system

Expand upon the convenience of the Boya BY-WM8 radio transmitters and receivers by using your smartphone or tablet to monitor and record your audio.


 Audio output connector:  Apple MFi certified Lightning Connector
 Frequency Response:  20-20000 Hz
 Sampling Frequency:   44.1kHz/ 48 kHz
 Bitrate:  16Bit /24Bit
 Power Requirements:  Supplied by iOS devices
 Weight:  18g
 Storage temperature:

 Min. Length: 37cm

 Max. Length: 85cm

 Input:  3.5mm(1/8") Mini Jack


1 x Boya 35L Lightning Connector to 3.5mm Mini Jack Audio Input Cable
1 x Carrying Case