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Conical Snoot with Removable Grid

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New Universal Design 

The all new universal design allows you to change speedrings to most popular strobe brands.  Simply take out one easy thumb screw to switch the speedring.

Includes Grids & Gels

A 30 degree removable honeycomb is included. Use the grid to reduce flare or focus light more intensely. Pop in the red, blue, yellow or diffusion gel for special effects.

All Metal Design

Like all Strobepro products, the build quality is heavy duty.  Full metal construction designed for abuse.

Hair and Background Light

The snoot is used to control the spread of light. Use it as a hair light, or as a very controlled back light for people or product photography.


Do not use the snoot with a strobe modelling lamp on.  Fire Hazard.


1 x Snoot
1 x 30 degree grid
1 x Set of Gels (Red, Blue, Yellow, Diffusion)

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