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Black Friday Bundle: VL150 with 36" Rapid Pro Parabolic

The Talk-of-the-town LED Light with a Modifier to Match

Godox blew us away with their LED releases over these past years, and the VL150 is among the best lights in its class. It seems fitting to pair it with a statement piece modifier like our 36" Rapid Pro Parabolic.  Use it to create beautifully defined edges with an overall soft character.


Strobepro is the largest distributor of Godox products in Canada.  Give yourself peace of mind with Strobepro's professional helpful staff, 2-year warranty, and Calgary based service centre.


The Godox VL150 LED COB chipset delivers more power than its competitors at the same wattage. The VL150 COB LED Video Light from Godox is a lightweight and compact LED monolite-style LED.  It works great for portrait, still life, location photography, and also for video-based applications. The daylight-balanced COB LED features a CRI rating of 96 and TLCI rating of 95, producing highly accurate colour renditions and rendering extremely realistic skin tones. 


The parabolic shape directs light parallel to the modifier's facing from the point of incidence.  Want a harder beam of focussed light?  Use it bare with the deflector plate.  Want to broaden your light pattern and soften edges?  Add the inner diffuser.  Want a wide throw of soft light?  Attach the front diffuser.  Our 36" Rapid Pro Parabolic Softbox will turn you into a parabolic-aholic in no time.


Have you ever tried to assemble a softbox? If you have you know that it can be a slow frustrating process. Strobepro's line of Rapid Pro softboxes set up in 2 seconds flat!


1 x Godox VL150 150W COB LED Video Light
1 x 36" Rapid Pro Parabolic Softbox