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Godox AD-S85S 85cm Parabolic Softbox for Godox AD300 Pro/AD400 Pro/ML60

Compact and Purpose-Built

The ADS85S is a collapsible parabolic umbrella that uses Godox's proprietary mount (found on the AD300 Pro and AD400 Pro).  This softbox eliminates the need for the added bulk of a Bowens adapter.

Quick Setup

Much like our Rapid Pro Softboxes, this Godox softbox uses an umbrella mechanism so it can be quickly deployed or taken down.

Why Parabolic?

Parabolic modifiers can provide greater directionality with a harder edge to the light when used without diffusers.  They provide a degree of versatility not found on traditional softboxes.

Two Deflector Discs

This softbox comes with a standard white deflector disc and a reflective gold disc to warm your light or provide CTO correction (the reverse side is silver).


1 x AD-S85S Softbox
1 x Diffuser
1 x White Deflector Disc
1 x Gold/Silver Deflector Disc
1 x Cloth Grid
1 x Carrying Bag