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Godox LD75R RGB LED with Softbox and Honeycomb Grid


The LD75R comes in at a smaller size than the behemoth LD150R, or LD150RS, but it is built to the same high standards.  The LD75R could make a great compliment to one of the big guys, or a dependable main light in its own right.  


Your Godox LD75R comes with Strobepro's best in the business support.  Strobepro is the largest distributor of Godox products in Canada.  Give yourself peace of mind with Strobepro's helpful staff, 2-year warranty, and Calgary-based service centre.

Includes Extras!

In addition to the base accessories that come with the light, our kit includes the Godox  honeycomb grid and a softbox with grid.  ($149.90 Value) Between the barndoors, grid options, and softbox, your light will be ready for anything you can throw at it!

All of the colours.

Well, roughly 16 million of them.  The RGB LEDS in the LD75R can be dialed in to almost anything you want.

Multiple Control Methods

The LD75R can be controlled with a dedicated remote, the Godox Light app, or a DMX control board!

High-fidelity CCT

When used in its CCT colour mode, you can adjust your white light from 2800K to 8500K, all while maintaining a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+.  In other words, you can match your temperature to almost any scene and maintain a high degree of colour accuracy.

Top-Notch Build Quality

The LD75R is all-metal and is fan-cooled with ample ventilation to help dissipate heat.  With durability and cooling built into every part of the design, your LD75R is built to last a decade or more.

Silent Mode

Kill the fan to protect your audio.  The silent mode will limit your peak brightness but will help you remain quiet on the set.

Thoughtful Accessories

The LD75R comes in a nice padded case, and includes a barndoor set to help you control spill and flare into your camera lens.

Yoke Mount

The integrated yoke mount allows you to get your light into any position.  Mount it horizontally to maintain full mobility for your barn-doors.

Special Effects

The LD75R features a variety preset tunable cinematic lighting effects that filmmakers are sure to love.  Mimic a lightning storm, a flickering fire, and more.

Firmware Upgradable

More effects and features could come to the LD75R at a future date thanks to the ability to upgrade its firmware via USB.


Max Brightness (LUX, 1m) 9320
Power Supply 100-240 VAC (50/60Hz) or V-Mount Battery
Max. Power Consumption 75W
Operation Temperature -10 to 40 degrees celsius
Brightness Range 0-100%
Colour Temperature Range 2500-8500K
CRI >96
TLCI >97
Dimensions 17.4" x 16.1" x 4.2" / 441 mm x 410 mm x 108mm
Weight 7.7 lb / 3.5 kg
Control Methods 2.4GHz Wireless remote, Godox Light App, DMX
2.4GHz Radio Channels 32
Radio Groups 3


-1 x LD75R LED Panel
-1 x LD75R Softbox with Grid
-1 x LD75R Honeycomb Grid
-1 x Power Cable
-1 x Power Adapter
-1 x Barndoor Set
-1 x Carrying Case