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Honeycomb Grid Set 10,20, 30, 40

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Must Have Studio Light Modifier Set

You will use these grids all the time.  They're so easy useful for hair lighting and background lighting.

Honeycomb Grid Uses

  1. To deliver a small, soft-edged pool of light to add emphasis (for example to emphasize high cheekbones or to produce an irregular circle of light on the background.
  2. For use of a backlight that doesn't produce lens flare, except when pointing almost directly at the lens.  When used as a backlight, flare is usually avoided at an angle greater than 40 degrees


This honeycomb will fit to ANY standard reflector designed to be used with honeycombs, provided that the reflector has a diameter of 7".  It can be used with Elinchrom, Bowens, Hensel, Balcar and other reflectors with a 7" external diameter.


1x 10 degree grid
1x 20 degree grid
1x 30 degree grid
1x 40 degree grid

WARNING: Do not leave the modelling lamp switched on  for too long when using any honeycomb grid

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