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Strobepro 1200 Watt-Seconds HSS Location Kit

Unmatched performance outdoors

So you're a bit obsessed with HSS. You're in the right place!  A single AD600BM/X600ii is already well suited for high speed sync photography, so just imagine what adding a second one with the H1200B coupling extension head would allow you to achieve.  Experience the difference and imagine no longer, with decreased recycle times, better heat performance, and another stop of power to punch through even larger modifiers.

Just Add a Stand

This kit includes everything except the stand.  Choose your favourite Strobepro stand or use one you already own.


- 2 x AD600BM Battery Powered Wireless Strobe 
- 1 x H1200B Coupling Extension Head
- 2 x Locking Rings
- 1 x  FT-AD1200W  Flash Tube
- 2 x Strobepro Super Clamp