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Strobepro Pocket Card Modifier

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Just Say No

Just say no to ugly direct flash. The Pocket Card Modifier softens any flash dramatically to create beautiful soft light for portraits and product photography. 

Double Duty

The Pocket Card Modifier is an amazing way to get beautiful soft light from your speedlite flash.  It's also a grey card on the back allowing you to nail perfect white balance on every shot.


At only 4" when folded this modifier can fit in your pocket and go anywhere.  Travelling on an airplane?  You can afford to take 3 or 4 without sacrificing carry-on space.

Universal Fit

The expansion band allows you to easily fit almost any speedlite in seconds.   The tension holds secure, so placing it upside down is no problem.


Unfolded: 12"
Folded: 4.5"
Weight: 90 grams


Pocket Card Modifier and Bag

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