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Strobepro Speedlite Flash Bracket

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Easy Modifier Bracket for Speedlites

Use Strobepro and Bowens accessories with speedlite flash units or barebulb flashes like the Godox AD360. Fits almost all brands of speedlite flash. 

New and Improved

We've added a stronger locking handle on the new speedlite bracket. Plus you can now use nearly all Strobepro modifiers with this bracket. It's also faster with the quick accessory lock release and multi-position handle.

Huge Selection of Modifiers

Pop on a softbox, octabox, snoot, barndoor or reflector in seconds. No need to repurchase all new modifiers for your speedlites. Just use the ones you already have for your studio strobes.

Easy Alignment

Up, down, in and out, you can get your flash into the perfect position. Lock the flash down easily with the secure rubberized clamp.

Includes Umbrella Mount

The Strobepro Speedlite Flash Bracket includes a built in umbrella modifier to fit most umbrellas.


Fits any standard or barebulb flash unit.


1 x Speedlite Flash Bracket

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