Strobepro X400 Pro (Godox AD-H400P AD400 Pro) Extension Head

Extended Reach

Extend your Strobepro X400 Pro (Godox AD400 Pro) reach with ease with the Godox AD-H400P Extension Head. Send a compact light weight head up the boom with ease with the 8' cable.

Use Your Modifiers

You can still use all your favourite Strobepro modifiers.  You'll need to attach the Bowens adapter that came with your X400 Pro (AD400 Pro) or add another one so you don't have to switch them back and forth.  Select the adapter from the dropdown.  

Light Weight

Now you don't need to send the entire strobe up on the boom.  This makes placing heavy modifiers on booms super easy.

Setup in Seconds

Just pull out the flash tube from the X400 Pro (AD400 Pro) and plug it into the extension head.  Plug the cable in the strobe and you're good to go. The modelling lamp is built into the head so you have full access to the LED as well.


  • Free's the 400ws flashtube from the monolight body
  • Adds 8 foot of lightweight extension from the monolight
  • Useful for boom mounted light modifiers
  • Enables remote hard to place light positioning
  • No loss of energy
  • 220 degree tilt remote head


  • 8 feet / 2.44 meter extension cable
  • 220 degrees of tilt
  • With optional adapter will fit Bowens mount for all Strobepro modifiers
  • 2lb 8.6oz / 1.15kg


1 x X400 Pro (AD-H400 Pro) Extension Head
NOTE: Bowens adapter is optional.