The X600 PRO TTL takes the popular X600ii TTL and ups the game for the most performance minded shooters.  The X600 PRO TTL destroys the competition with features, reliability, accuracy and price.


The X600 Pro now includes the new rear handle, making positioning even easier.

The Strobepro Difference

Your Strobepro X600 Pro TTL is built to the same specifications as the Godox AD600 Pro, but with the added benefit of Strobepro's industry leading support.  Strobepro is the largest distributor of Godox products in Canada.  Give yourself peace of mind with Strobepro's helpful staff, 2 year warranty, and Calgary based service centre.


    Tired of adjusting settings in tough lighting conditions?  Then let the X600 PRO TTL do it automatically for you.  Set it to TLL mode and fire away with perfect exposures in any lighting condition.  Weddings, party's, or outdoors, TTL is a lifesaver.


    The advanced lithium battery made by Panasonic is designed for performance.  It will recycle 600w/s in 0.9 seconds. The X600 PRO TTL will give you 350 full power shots.  


    One controller to rule them all.  With it's built in receiver all you need is the Strobepro XT Controller for full TTL & HSS remote power control up to 300 feet away.  In addition, the XT controller will control any Strobepro X60 Speedlites (manual or TTL) and all 2017 and later Strobepro studio strobes.


    Ever had a problem with something you've bought online overseas?  Good luck getting that fixed.  We're a Canadian company with a Canadian warranty, right here in Calgary.  Your X600 PRO TTL is backed by our Strobepro 2 year warranty.  Plus most orders shipped same day will be in your hands within 4 days anywhere across the country.  All backed by our full support team.


    Dialing down all the way to 1/256 power allows you to shoot wide open with even your fastest glass.  600 watts of power on the other end allows you to overpower the sun, even in mid day.  From babies to fast action outdoor sports, you're covered.


    Finally HSS is built right into the strobe.  No more receivers necessary. Pick up the Strobepro XT transmitter for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic or Olympus and you've got the ultimate setup.


    The X600 PRO TTL is dead accurate across the entire power range.  With only a +/-75 degree variance across the entire power range. Stable power output, accurate colour temperature, professional results.


    The new 38W LED modelling lamp is the brightest LED we've ever had in a strobe.


    The X600 PRO TTL fits all Strobepro and Bowens modifiers.


      Maximum Watt/Seconds 600 Ws
      Guide Number 285' (87 m) at ISO 100
      Recycle Time 0.01-0.9 sec
      Number of Flashes at Full Power 360
      Flash Duration 1/220-1/10,100 sec
      Output Power 9 steps: 1/1 to 1/256
      Exposure Compensation Manual; ±3 stops in 1/3 increments
      Delay Time 0.01-30 sec
      Color Temperature 5600K (±200K)
      Stable color temperature mode reduces variation to ±75K across entire power range
      Wireless Mode 2.4 GHz radio transmission (compatible with Canon E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and Fujifilm)
      Functions: Slave, off
      5 groups, 32 channels
      Wireless Range 328' (100 m)
      Display LCD dot-matrix panel
      Modeling Light LED, 38W / 4800K / TLIC: 93
      Ports 1 x 3.5mm sync cord
      1 x wireless control port
      1 x USB Type-C
      Accessory Mount Type Bowens
      Fan Cooled Yes
      Power Source 1 x rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (28.8 V/2600 mAh)
      Battery Indicator Yes

      Total Size: 12 5/8" length, 5" width, 6" height (including bracket)  with reflector and battery. 10 5/8" length (without battery attached)
      Battery Only: 2" length, 5" width, 5" height
      Reflector Only: 5" Diameter, 3 1/4" length

      Weight 7.2 lb (3.3 kg) with battery and flash tube


      1 x X600 PRO TTL Strobe
      1 x X600 PROTTL Battery
      1 x X600 PRO TTL Battery Charger
      1 x Flash Tube
      1 x Rear Handle
      1 x Protection cover
      1 x X600 PRO TTL Reflector


      The batteries, flash tubes and other accessories for the X600ii are not compatible with the  X600 Pro.  However, all Strobepro Bowens modifiers are compatible across all our strobes.

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        Darryl M.


        Really really happy with tis light, I used to use Profoto and do not miss them at all now that I have this new head, I actually need to buy another one. Thanks for the great service and super guarantee. Winslow portraits

        Ross J.

        Fantastic Lights at Great Price

        These lights are powerful, reliable, and very cost-effective. I can't get over the value for the money - I strongly urge anyone looking at studio lighting to take a hard look at these.

        Dirk Heydemann

        Very Happy with new purchase

        Having had the system now for two weeks, I am thrilled with he new lights. The they are lightyears ahead of my old system, with the built in radio triggers, 9 stop adjustable range, TTL and high speed sync as well as the battery seems to last for ever. Factor all that and then the price, it really is amazing. I am very happy with the lights. My only thought for improvement is to have the the exterior body be made of metal and not plastic. I understand that this will reflect int he price, but for longevity of the product, a medal shell will hold out much better then the plastic. I would be willing to pay a bit more to know the lights could stand up to my my abuse. Dirk

        Jason Bowie

        Amazing strobe kit

        I received my strobe lights and accessories last Thursday and after a full week of use, I am amazed at the quality and the ease of use. The customer service was outstanding and I like the video walk throughs on the products as they were very helpful to help guide an informed choice. The battery lasted 6 days of moderate shooting (none of it on full power) and the modifiers (I purchased 3 foot octa soft boxes) were so easy to put on and off. The carrying case is a must. I used the setup last weekend on a site shoot and it performed beyond expectations.

        Robert Ruffo
        Montreal, Quebec

        The overall best battery strobe you can buy at any price - at a crazy low price.

        My wife Amber and I work together on mid to higher budget shoots with crew rented locations, and paid actors/models. We wanted a location strobe that had excellent color consistency, reliability, battery life and light spread to fill large modifiers. We rented and tested Elinchrom, Broncolor and Profoto, and a friend of mine also has the older AD600M. Elinchrom heads perform poorly in many modifiers - the 600Pro gives softer light even in their own Rotalux softboxes! This is because the Eli flashtube is very flat, so it shoots formward much more than to the side, making poor use of the sides of a softbox. Sure Rotalux softboxes have little beauty dishes you can attach to them, but with the Ad 600 Pro you get that benefit in ANY softbox. because it sort of has a beauty dish diffuser built right onto the tube, and the tube sits very high in the modifier, spreading out into its back panels and to the side, and thus creating much softer light. Profoto is super heavy with their B1X (that has no detachable head option), has less light output and color consistency than the Ad600 Pro, and a full .7 stops less light in our tests. Its head design also leads to poor spread in many modifiers, particularly shallow ones, unless you buy a frosted dome, which cuts more light still and adds 275 U.S. more dollars to an already much higher price. Recycle time is slower, HSS performance far less impressive - I could go on. The Broncolor has a head that is almost exactly the same as the AD600 Pro, and in the same way fills large modifiers much better - so smoother more even light than any other options than these two. However, the Siros is heavy, has no detachable head ad-on, and is almost a full stop less bright at full power - and it costs exactly 3 times as much. It also shockingly has slightly less good color stability performance than the AD600Pro. The availability of Broncolor modifiers is very small, and very expensive. The older 600BM had too slow recycle time for our needs, possibly problematic color consistency, but most of all a flash tube design that was just not projecting light optimally into larger modifiers. You can see that in the work people produce with the older AD600 non-pro. Granted, many are using ****** softboxes, but there is a lot of hot spot glare to be seen. When these same users switch to the AD600Pro that glare is gone (and I assume they didn't buy new softboxes at the same time) As for brightness - in Canada there is no outdoor scenario where this is not bright enough to fight full mid day sun. It just works, every time, no matter what to give you all the light you need. I've yet to go over 1/2 output, even in summer, at 2PM. So... We picked the AD600 Pro. We will soon also buy the AD400 pro, to use with LiteMotiv modifiers via its Elinchrom adapter (which i REALLY hope has the deflector hole built in, but I digress...) As for Strobepro they are nice, friendly people, who offer you a Canadian two year warranty for free - which could mean a lot, sooner than later. You also don;t have to stress about duty and weird fees from brokers which can be a nightmare ordering from the U.S. - and their prices are pretty much at par with U.S. vendors i also find that the StrobePro branding looks a lot more pro and less prosumer than Flashpoint and Godox branding you would get from B&H or Adorama. Hey, laugh all you want, but at a certain level clients do care about that stuff, at least mine sometimes do. All this to say, if this strobe cost 3X as much I would still feel it was a great purchase, and it doesn't.... So just place your order. Most fo teh tiem you get what you pay for, but in this case, you actually don;t. You get better performance in all ways than gear that is way, way more expensive.