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Godox ML-CS1625 Diffusion Tent with Universal Mount Kit

Multi Position

The collapsible design allows several ways to shape the light.  Use the panel at full extension for diffused soft light or collapse the panel and push in the front and you can change the light quality to more directional.

Universal Mounting System

With 3 included mounting rings you're sure to fit the Godox ML-CD15 to almost any speedlite on the market.  Plus you get the added benefit of using it with some of Godox's most popular strobes.

Rectangle Head Adapter

The included rectangle to round head adapter fits almost any traditional OEM brand speedlite plus the whole range of Godox rectangle speedlites including the V860II, V860III, V850II, TT685, TT685II, TT600, and AD200 Square Head.

Round Head Adapter

The included round head adapter fits all Godox round head flashes such as the V1, AD100 PRO, and AD200 Pro Round Heead.

Godox Mount

The included Godox mount adapter uses Godox's proprietary mount found on the ML30, ML60, AD300 PRO and AD400 PRO.


1 x Soft Tent 
1 x Godox Mount Adapter
1 x Round Head Adapter
1 x Rectangle to Round Head Adapter