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About Us

Amateur or Pro?

PERFECT! You've come to the right place. Our customers come from all across Canada and the world in all stages of the photography journey.

Solutions for everyone

The one thing we don't have are high prices. Compare our product against the competition, Alien Bees, Aurora, Elinchrom and more. We're not afraid, our lights compete with the best at often 50% of the price.

Where it's made

Most of our products are made in China, our flash tubes in Germany and we don't hide it. We're proud of the employee work environment and amazing quality control.  The R&D department is always pushing the limits on new technology. By the way approximately 90% of all photography equipment is produced in Asia.

Why are your prices so low?

Well, we feel they're fair. Why does photography have to be so expensive? It doesn't.  We sell direct to you cutting off the middle man. 

Brown Boxin' It

The competition can keep their fancy designed packaging and boxes. We're brown boxin' it here. Why? 99% of the boxes go to the garbage. Wouldn't you rather have the $10 in your pocket?

Do you have a store?

Yes, for sure.  In fact Strobepro operates the largest lighting warehouse in Canada.  All of our products are on display in our Calgary showroom.   You're more than welcome to see and test everything before you purchase.


Strobepro Strobes- 2 year warranty.  
Something goes wrong, ship or bring it back.  We'll fix it instantly or give you a loaner until it is repaired.  Simple.

Strobepro products- 1 year warranty.  Manufacture's defects.
Other brands- Manufactures warranty applies


7 day money back return on unopened, unused product.

We cannot accept returns on opened or used products.  In special circumstances we will provide store credit.

Why such a strict return policy? Unfortunately some people try to use product for a weekend shoot and then return it.  We cannot resell the product then.

We love to talk! 

We're not afraid to talk to you. Need help or just don't like placing orders over the web? Contact Us
Thanks for shopping with us!

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