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Boya 35C-USB C Audio Input Cable for Android Devices

Record to your smartphone

This cable allows you to record from any self powered mic directly to your android phone or tablet (USB-C connection required).  

Cleaner audio

The USB-C connection supports 24 bit audio recording with a 48kHz sampling frequency.  Your built in microphone jack may not.

Works with the BY-WM8 system

Expand upon the convenience of the Boya BY-WM8 radio transmitters and receivers by using your smartphone or tablet to monitor and record your audio.


 Audio output connector:  USB Type-C Connector
 Frequency Response:  20-20000 Hz
 Sampling Frequency:   44.1kHz/ 48 kHz
 Bitrate:  16Bit /24Bit
 Power Requirements:  Supplied by Android devices
 Weight:  18g
 Storage temperature:

 Min. Length: 37cm

 Max. Length: 85cm

 Input:  3.5mm(1/8") Mini Jack


1 x Boya 35C-USB C to 3.5mm Mini Jack Audio Input Cable
1 x Carrying Case