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Strobepro 3 in 1 Reflector Arm Holder

4 reviews

New Design - Multiple Uses

This is the best reflector arm holder on the market, period. You get 3 uses from 1 kit. Use it as a reflector arm holder or detach the clamps and use it as a stand mounted boom for a light or microphone. Lastly, just pop off the clamps and grip and you've got an amazing, sturdy handheld boom.

Heavy-Duty Reflector Holder

Other manufactures holders break or bend easily.  The Strobepro 3-in-1 Reflector Arm Holder is built like a tank.  With its metal construction, you can hold the largest reflectors securely without twisting or loss of grip.  The arm mounts to any standard light stand spigot or baby pin.  Use Strobepro Reflectors with handles for the best grip.

For the Solo Operator

No need for an assistant to hold your reflector. Create repeatable results with the reflection exactly where you want it.  Lock the reflector in place and get exact results every time.

All New Clamp Design

The new clamps are now removable and adjustable.  They have a large 3" gripping surface and are sprung tight for maximum grip. Go ahead and take it outside. Other manufactures use tiny cheap plastic clamps but we are full metal here. 

Portable Design

Striking the right balance between heavy duty construction and portability, we've redesigned the Reflector Arm Holder to be as compact as possible.  It's only 28" long in its smallest configuration.


Maximum Recommended Reflector Size 6' (72" / 183 cm)
Minimum Length Collapsed 2'5" (30.5" / 77 cm)
Maximum Length 8'2" (98"/ 249 cm)
Weight including clamps and grip head 4.6 lbs / 2.08 kg


-1 x Reflector Arm Boom
-2 x Reflector Clamps
-1 x Reflector Grip Head 

Reflector shown in images is not included.  

Special Note

Do not over-clamp the boom into the grip head.  The grip head is extremely strong and could damage the boom if overtightened.  Warranty will not cover damage from over-tightening.

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    Eric H.
    Canada Canada

    Strobepro 3 in 1 Reflector Arm Holder

    Very good. Solid build. versatile. It's rare that something exceeds my expectations but this did.

    Wayne C.
    Canada Canada

    enjoyed using

    really enjoy using this holder

    Joel G.
    Canada Canada


    I believe this was my 3rd or 4th time buying from Strobepro. The products are great, affordable and good quality. Most of all they are Canadian. I love what they do. The reflector boom arm is really well built and love that it can be used for many other applications. If I had to provide one nitpick it’s that the foam grip is nearly impossible to remove. I hit about a quarter of it off before I gave up and just put it back on. I’m pretty sure once you get it off the first time it gets a lot easier the second. I don’t really see myself having to remove it often anyway as I was still able to attach grip head slightly above the foam anyway.

    A Strobepro Studio Lighting Customer
    Canada Canada

    Best reflector holder

    Received this product last week and I was very impressed with it straight out of the box. It is a solid piece of equipment that easily held my reflector exactly where I wanted it throughout the entire shoot. I paired it with a 9’ air cushion stand and the combo was bomb-proof. One thing to be aware of though, the grip head clamp can generate sufficient force to damage the boom arm. The margin between damaging force, and enough force to hold the boom arm, is very slim… Do not crank the grip head clamp handle, it’s a subtle increase in force just until the boom arm is held tightly… Then stop, or you will damage the boom arm. Other than that, this is a fantastic bit of versatile kit for the photographer on the go, or in the studio.