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Godox ML-CD15 Diffusion Dome for AD300 Pro and ML60


This product will be in our upcoming shipment. Any order containing an AK-R22 will be shipped once all stock is available.

A Diffused Bare Bulb Effect

Diffusion domes are simple and effective modifiers when you need light in every direction.  Send it overhead to light an entire space, or mimic a multi-light setup by utilizing nearby surfaces for some bounce.  

Godox Mount

The ML-CD15 Diffusion Dome uses Godox's proprietary mount found on the AD300 Pro and ML60.  You can find a similar dome that fits AK-R1 round heads here.


This diffuser collapses for easy transportation.

Special Note

Small, enclosed modifiers can trap a lot of heat. We suggest avoiding consecutive high-powered flashes. Allow the dome diffuser to cool before handling it.