Strobepro Round Head for X200 (Godox H200R)

It's round!

No, really!  The spiral shape of the flash tube ensures a truly round projection, and the integrated front diffuser provides a smooth, even falloff with virtually no hot spot.  Whether you can't fit a modifier into your carry-on pack, or you just enjoy working with bare flashes, the Round Head provides a more pleasing quality of light than the stock fresnel lens.

Magnetic accessories

The Round Head will bring joy and confidence to shooting with just a bare flash.  However, in the same spirit of convenience, we'll soon be launching many small modifiers to go with it!  Simple magnetic attachments makes swapping them in and out a piece of cake.

LED modelling lamp

The Round Head has an integrated LED modelling lamp positioned behind the flash tube with three levels of power control.


1 x Round Head for X200
1 x Carrying Case for Round Head