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5x7' Butterfly Scrim

A big scrim for big productions

This ain't your average folding reflector!  This 5'x7' scrim is built for full body coverage and broad area lighting.


Due to their packaged size and the special handling costs they incur, C stands purchased with this scrim do not apply for any free shipping promotions.  We will contact you for any additional shipping charges that may apply.

Convenient Setup

The butterfly frame is all one piece and can be expanded to its full size in under a minute.  The scrim tensioners are also a breeze to install.

3 in 1

The 5'x7' Butterfly Scrim can be used as a white reflector, a diffusion panel, or a flag.  All three surfaces are included.

Stand Mountable

This scrim can be mounted on a pair of stands with grip heads.  Grab a couple of our Big C Stands from the dropdown menu, and you'll be ready to go.


1 x 5'x7' Butterfly Frame
1 x 5'x7' Diffusion Panel
1 x 5'x7' Reversible White/Black Panel
20 x Scrim Tensioner

OPTIONAL (Choose from dropdown menu):

2 x Big C Stand (Chrome) OR2 x C Stand SE (Black)