65 Degree Mid Intensity Reflector with Grid


Mid Intensity Ligh

Not too hard not too soft. This reflector creates a narrow high intensity beam of light. It is more intense than our standard 55 degree but less intense than the 45 high intensity reflector.

Where to use 

Its main use is for creating hard shadows, throwing light mid range  distances, producing controlled bounce from walls and increasing lighting power. This reflector creates 2.5x more effective light than the standard 7" 55 degree reflector.

Use with all Strobepro Lights

Create a dramatic effect with your strobes or throw it on your Strobepro LED 1000/2000 too.


  • Width: 27cm
  • Depth: 24cm
  • Fits Strobepro and Bowens S mount lights


1 x Mid intensity reflector
1 x 1- Degree Grid