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Godox AD-S60S 60cm Softbox for AD300 Pro, AD400 Pro, ML60

Easy Assembly

The ADS60S is a collapsable softbox that uses Godox's proprietary mount (found on the AD300 Pro and AD400 Pro).  This softbox eliminates the need for the added bulk of a Bowens adapter.

Fits in a Backpack

This modifier pairs particularly well with the AD300 Pro for an ultra-compact travel-ready setup.

Parabolic Shape

The slight parabolic shape of the AD-60S can help to focus the light when the front diffuser is removed.  It adds a bit of versatility to this already handy modifier.

Included Grid

Use the grid to make your light more directional while maintaining the diffused character.

Two Deflector Discs

This softbox comes with a standard white deflector disc and a reflective gold disc to warm your light or provide CTO correction (the reverse side is silver).


1 x ADS60S Softbox
1 x Diffuser
1 x Gold/Silver Deflector Disc
1 x White Deflector Disc
1 x Cloth Grid