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Godox LB-02 Leaf Barndoor Set for FLS10 Fresnel Head

Additional Control

If you've purchased the FLS10 Fresnel Head, chances are that you have more than a passing interest in light-shaping.  This barndoor set will add that bit of extra precision to your precision tool.

Prevent Flares

A barndoor set provides an excellent means of preventing flares into your lens when you are backlighting your subjects.

Feather your light

Your barndoors allow you to gradually and precisely cut your light at the source.

8-leaf design

The leaf design on this barndoor set allows you to completely close the corner gaps that are present when a conventional barndoor set closes.


Mounts only on the Godox FLS10 Fresnel Head.  These barndoors will not fit a standard reflector.


-1 x 8-leaf Barndoor Set

*FLS10 Fresnel Head shown for demonstration only