Grid for 36 Inch Rapid Pro Folding Umbrella Octabox

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Focus Softbox Light

The honeycomb grid is extremely useful for controlling both light spill and for preventing lens flare, especially when used for backlighting. or rim lighting.

Easy to Attach

This honeycomb grid attaches with hook & loop fastenings to the lip of our umbrella soft boxes.

Light Characteristics

As with all honeycombs, there is some loss of light compared to the softbox without a honeycomb fitted.  Tests show this to be in the region of just 1 - 1.1 stops of light when used straight in front of the subject.


Designed to fit Strobepro 36" (90cm) Rapid Pro folding octabox.

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Brian C.

My review of the Strobepro umbrella Octobox

The item was very lightweight and easy to use. The bag is very handy for caring it around on location and there's enough room in there to put the reflector for my 600 XL. I will more than likely look to see if there are other sizes of grids available to replace some older ones that I have

Callum P.

The ultimate on-location portrait kiler!

The grid, paired with the 36" octabox is the ultimate solution for quick on-location portraits. Not sure what I'd do without it!

Matthew C.
United States

Very nice octabox at a reasonable price

I have had many umbrellas (diffused and regular) and softboxes and in just a few shoots this has become my favorite modifier. I've wanted an octabox for some time but the well made ones tend to be expensive and the cheap ones are often not very good quality. This one fits right in the middle. The frame and folding mechanism look and feel well made and the fabric is also good though not the best I've seen. The grid is also decent and works well, though I wish the fabric were just a bit thicker. I also wish the velcro on the front diffusion panel was a little wider, the fit on mine is a bit tight and I have to work it down a little to close all the tiny gaps in the velcro between the diffusion panel and the octabox. I've seen this on other (mostly lower priced) softboxes as well so it's not uncommon, but is an area that could be improved. The best quality softboxes I currently have are from Paul C. Buff, maybe not the best available but pretty well thought of. I would say this octabox is very similar in quality and portability, the fabric might not be quite as good but it's not too different. And at about half the price, this one's a much better value!

Christopher K.
United States


Grid really helps with the direction of light. Easy to put on.

Walter G.

Just as advertised

I Recieved my folding umbrella Octobox grid and it fit perfectly I don't know if I reviewed the Octobox itself but I will also plug that right now I watched the video on setting it up and if you follow the simple instructions it will work perfectly. Thank you Strobepro for the great support