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Nikon F-mount Lens Adapter for Strobepro Optical Snoot II

Use Your Glass

The Strobepro Optical Snoot II uniquely allows you to use your existing camera lenses to project your gobo patterns. This attachment enables you to use Nikon F-mount lenses.

Maximum Flexibility

With so many lenses available, you can choose the perfect one for the occasion! The wider the lens, the larger your pattern will appear. 

Usage Notes

This adapter should only be used with Nikon lenses that have a manual aperture ring or lenses that default to a wide-open aperture when removed from the camera.  Some Nikon lenses will close down their aperture when they are not mounted. Please contact us at if you are uncertain about your lens.

We recommend fast and bright prime lenses for best results.  Zooms can provide some added utility if you have a powerful strobe, but light output will suffer. 


-1 x Nikon F-mount Lens Adapter for Strobepro Optical Snoot II

*Nikon lens and Optical Snoot shown in product images are shown for demonstration only.