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Savage Background Paper Stop Set

So Simple, So Effective

The Savage Background Paper Stop is a must-have accessory for all seamless background paper users that use a crossbar. By simply sliding these small notched inserts into the core of a Savage seamless paper roll, the risk of excess paper unraveling and the need for clamps are eliminated.

Stop Unraveling

While stopping the backdrop from freely unraveling during setup of a photo shoot, it can still be easily adjusted by gently pulling the paper sheet down to the desired length in controlled steps. Say goodbye to lowering and raising the backdrop stand to adjust clamps and paper length.


This accessory is made of durable plastic and is reusable from photo session to session. The Savage Paper Stop is sold as a pair and works most most effectively when pieces are inserted into both ends of the backdrop core.

Fits Any Savage Roll

Compatible with all Savage seamless paper standard sizes with an inner core diameter of 2-1/8″ and most background support crossbars (up to 1-1/4″ wide). (not compatible with the Savage 140'' x 100' paper size)


2 x Savage Background Paper Stops (1 set of 2 stops)