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Single Mount Metal Speedlite Umbrella Adapter

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All New Design

Tilt the speedlight direct on access or in multiple angles for the most even lighting possible.  Plus the cold-shoe has a spigot attached directly too it so you can leave it on your speedlite for quick installation.  

Built to Take a Beating

Metal construction provides the ultimate durability.  This bracket is designed to take a beating and keep on going.

Extra Tilt Joint

Now you can tilt the speedlite directly on access with the umbrella shaft providing the most even lighting possible.

Cold Shoe Lock

The cold shoe dial tightens down your speedlite securely so you don't have to rely on the flash lock which can sometimes fail.

Fits Any Umbrella

The umbrella shaft lock will fit any diameter umbrella shaft.

Fits Any Light Stand

Simply back off the screw and drop it on any light stand spigot. Quick and easy.

Includes Spigot Adapter

Want to use the bracket on a tripod?  No problem.  We've included a 1/4" to 3/8" spigot adapter that can convert any tripod plate into a light stand.


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