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Softbox for Godox FL150R LED Panel

Soft and Diffused

Our Flex LED panels provide soft light right out of the packaging thanks to their large surface area.  However, since Flex LED Panels use an array of pinpoint light sources, a softbox is often necessary to tame specular highlights, produce a solid catchlight, and make your panel more comfortable to look at. 

Low Profile Design

Because of the even spacing of lights on the whole surface area of the Flex LED Panels, this softbox can remain shallow and compact. Your panel and softbox will take up a small fraction of the space required for a studio monolight and traditional softbox.  You'll have more room to work and make better use of limited space.

Quick, rigid assembly

The softbox attaches via loop and hook with surprising rigidity.  The structure of the softbox ensures a tight fit for your diffuser and grid.

Grid Included

Having this much control from such a shallow modifier will feel like cheating.  The grid provides greater directionality by blocking lateral spill.

Convenient Storage

The main structure of the softbox folds in on itself and comes with a carrying bag to store the softbox, diffuser, and grid.


Godox: FL150R
Stroberpo: Flex 150 ST


-1 x Softbox
-1 x Diffuser
-1 x Grid
-1 x Carrying Bag