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Speedring for Strobepro Rapid Snap Softbox Series 129mm (Bowens-Strobepro-Godox)

Bowens-Strobepro-Godox Standard

This is the standard speedring for all Strobepro Rapid Snap Series Softboxes.  It is the most common mount from manufacturers.

Special Note About Godox

Please note that 95% of all Godox lights use this mount.  It is not to be confused with the propriety Godox mount which is a smaller speedring for the ML LED, AD300 Pro and AD400 Pro. 

Change your Modifier

Easily switch your Rapid Snap Softbox between lighting brands by putting in a different speedring.  Undo four screws, remove the speedring and slide in the new one.  It only takes 30 seconds.


Only to be used on the Strobepro Rapid Snap Softbox Series.  Fits Bowens, Strobepro, and Godox lights.


129mm (5.08") Diameter