Strobepro 43 Inch Brolly Box

A Softbox Umbrella Hybrid

Our 43" Brolly Box provides diffused light that is even from the centre to the edge thanks to its front diffuser.  The bounce back design provides a degree of spill control.  Best of all, it installs and stows away just like your other umbrellas!

Nimble and Lightweight

The 43" Brolly Box is something a little larger than our 36" Brolly Box, but it has a folded length of only 30".  Still pretty respectable if you're looking for a grab-and-go modifier! Bounce modifiers like our brolly boxes can be a little easier to get overhead since your light is angled up and away from your subject.


1 x Strobepro 43" Brolly Box
1 x Carrying Bag