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Strobepro 50mm Lens for Optical Snoot II

Optical Snoot II Lens

This Strobepro lens is a flexible and bright 50mm f/1.8 lens that has been optimized to provide an optimal distribution of light across the widest gobo patterns on the Strobepro Optical Snoot II.  The focus ring at the end of the lens will allow you to quickly and easily create razor sharp gobo projections or defocus for ultimate creativity.

Gel Mount

Get the best gel coverage from your snoot by mounting the Optical Snoot II gels directly in the end of the lens.  The end ring unscrews providing a place to perfectly mount your gel.  It keeps them cool and gives 100% coverage with no light leak.

Metal Construction

The lens body is made of 100% full metal.  Not only is it durable, it is designed to handle the high temperatures that the Optical Snoot can generate.

Direct Mount

The lens can be mounted directly to the Optical Snoot II.  Just screw it into the end, no adapters or lens mounts needed.


-1 x 50mm f/1.8 lens