Strobepro Background Autopole Kit

Space Saving Ingenuity

Traditional background stands can take up an extra five feet of width in addition to your backdrop, so small studio spaces have often relied on permanent wall or ceiling fixtures.  The Strobepro Background Autopoles can set up anywhere with solid ceilings in seconds, can be taken down just as easily, and they have virtually no footprint.  

Rock solid

The Strobepro Background Autopole Kit is extremely heavy duty, and can accommodate up to three standard 9' rolls of seamless paper on its included brackets.

Plenty of height

The Strobepro Background Autopole Kit can be fitted to ceilings up to 12 feet high.


2 x Strobepro Background Autopole
2 x Strobepro Super Clamp
2 x Triple Background Bracket for Lifting Shaft Sets (includes mounting hardware for super clamp)

Optional Extras (Choose from dropdown):
- 1-3 Lifting Shaft Sets for Seamless Paper

(Seamless paper rolls shown in product images not included)

Shipping Notice

Notice regarding shipping:  The Strobepro Background Autopole Kit does not qualify for free shipping.  Due to their length, Background Autopoles incur special handling charges that are not calculated at the checkout.  Once you place your order, we will contact you if any additional shipping charges apply.