Strobepro Easy Up Litepanel

Easy setup

The Strobepro Easy Up Litepanel has a folding frame that is all one piece. It expands in seconds!  Install the diffusion material or reflective surface and you're ready to go.

3 in 1

The Strobepro Easy Up Litepanel can be used as a large reflector with its reversible white/silver panel, or as a translucent scrim with its diffusion panel.


The frame is made from lightweight and durable aluminum.  

Stand or boom

Put this panel exactly where you want it.  The whole frame mounts on a spigot using its integrated pivot bracket, which is toothed to prevent unwanted sagging.  The secondary attachment allows you to mount it on a C stand grip head.  If you have an assistant, try this on our Super Boom.  It's the ideal setup for an outdoor sun diffuser!


1 x Easy Up Litepanel Butterfly Frame
1 x Translucent White Panel
1 x Reversible Silver/Reflective White Panel
1 x Toothed Pivot Bracket
1 x Attachment for Grip Head Bracket
1 x Carrying Bag

Optional (select from dropdown menu):

1 x Strobepro Handheld Super Boom