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Strobepro Grip Boom

Beauty in Simplicity

A lot of booms have too many sections, take up too much space in your bag, and are longer than they need to be. Okay, it's a bit more situational than that.  But this one-piece boom is perfect for clamshell lighting, tabletop photography, any number of applications that just need that little bit of overhead reach.


The only moving part on this all-steel boom is the reverse-fitted grip head—a component that you could probably run over with your car (not that we'd recommend it). The boom itself is one solid piece with no weak points.


At 42 inches long, this boom can easily slot into your stand bag.  You might even just secure the grip head to one of your stands and have the boom sit flush against the column.

Special Note:

Because this type of boom can't be counterbalanced without extra accessories, the rest of your boom safety regiment becomes more important.  The limited length of this boom means you can still hold a good amount of weight, but you should always point the boom towards one leg of your stand and add a sandbag to the base. Watch our video for additional instructions!


Length (Boom only)
39" / 99 cm
Total Length 42" / 107 cm
Weight 2.8 lbs / 1.3 kg
Spigot Standard squared spigot with 1/4" thread
Material Stainless steel



-1 x Strobepro Grip Boom

*Stand is shown for demonstration purposes and is not included