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Strobepro Heavy Duty Crank Boom Stand

This Stand Is A Beast

We took our largest, heaviest, all-steel Strobepro Cinema Stand, modified it and added a super heavy duty articulating crank boom.  No you can send the heaviest lights with modifiers up and control the tilt up to 180 degree much easier. 


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Precise Tilt Control

Adjusting heavy lights overhead is time consuming, difficult and dangerous.  Now you can use the adjustable crank boom to quickly, easily and safely make precise adjustments up to 180 degrees of tilt of your light.  The boom contains coaxial gears that adjust by the crank at the end of the boom. Plus there's a padded handle to help stabilize the boom when making adjustments.

Filled Sandbag Included

Operating a boom without a sandbag is dangerous.  The Strobepro HD Crank Boom includes a steel filled sandbag that fits over the alignment posts to prevent sliding.


The stand can be extended up to 10' tall plus the height of the boom.  Plus it has a wide footprint to make effective use of that height.

Levelling Leg and Droppable Column

This stand comes equipped with an adjustable leg, allowing you to get the column perfectly level even when the floor is not. Additionally, the centre column can be dropped to the ground for a fourth point of contact.  Both of these features support maximum stability.

Heavy-Duty Casters

When your stand weighs almost 40 pounds before you put anything on it, it's nice to have it on wheels!  The heavy-duty casters can be easily locked or unlocked as required.


Sections 3
Min. Height 130cm (4.26')
Max. Height 300cm (9.84')
Folded Height 150cm (4.92')
Column Diameter 30/35/40mm
Boom Length 150-260cm (4.92'-8.53')
Boom Sections 2
Legs 25x25mm
Footprint Diameter 160cm (5.25')
Weight with Boom 17.3kg (38.14lbs)
Construction Steel
Max Load 43kg (94.8lbs)


- 1 x Strobepro HD Crank Boom Stand
- 3 x Locking caster wheel
- 1 x Junior to baby pin adapter
- 1 x Allen Key
- 1 x Wrench

HD Crank