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Strobepro Panoramic Background Kit

Panoramic Background

When you need to shoot wide, really wide, then the Strobepro Panoramic Background Kit is your answer.  Six separate frames easily click together to give you a 20 foot wide, freestanding backdrop that you can take anywhere.

Designed for Teams

Originally designed to shoot sports teams, dancers, and large groups.  The 20 foot width gives you lots of room to play with.

Please Note

Due to the fact that the background material cannot be resold once opened, this item is non-returnable.

Designed for Portability

The entire kit comes in a convenient travel case.  Yes it takes a few minutes to setup but hey, you're shooting 20 feet wide, 

Multiple Colours Included

We have included the two most popular backdrop colours of white and chroma-key green.  Plus you can purchase black separately.

No Seams

We've tried to minimize post production work by making the fabric seamless.  That way there are no lines down the middle to touch up. Plus the tension cables minimize wrinkles.

Multiple Position

Span the full width for a team shot or position the frame into a cove for a unique look.  Create a ziq-zag or a giant v-flat, the possibilities are endless.


Width  19.69' (6m)
Height 7.87 ' (2.4m)
Weight Including Bag & Backdrops  34.8 lbs (15.79kg)


1 x Chromakey  Backdrop
1 x White Backdrop
6 x Quick Assembly Aluminum Frames
10 x Hinge Clamps
60 x Elastic Backdrop Cords
1 x Carry Bag