Strobepro Portrait Illuminator Reflector Kit

Amazing Portraits

Take your portraits to the next level with the Strobepro Portrait Illuminator Kit. Say goodbye to dark shadows under the chin, nose and eyes.  This clamshell modifier reflects beautiful light back to your subject and eliminates those troublesome areas. 

Unique Catchlights

Beautiful and unique catchlights are easy to achieve thanks to the Portrait Illuminator's seamless curved design.  There are no gaps or breaks to disrupt the light.

White and Silver Included

We've included the silver fabric for added punch and white fabric for those times when you need to soften the light a little more.  Both are included so you can experiment.

Durable Construction

Metal construction with quick release locking pins will make the Portrait Illuminator last for years.

Tilting Bracket Included

Easily position the Portrait Illuminator into place with the adjusting tilting bracket. You'll get the perfect angle every time.

Don't Forget the Stand

The Strobepro 4' Low Roller Stand is perfect for the Portrait Illuminator.  Super sturdy and you can roll in and out with ease.


Width  60" (152cm)
Height 26" (66cm)
Total Fabric Area 67" (170cm)
Box Size 28x8x4"
Kit Weight 7lbs (3.18kg)


1 x Metal Quick Pin Frame
1 x Tilting Bracket
1 x Silver Fabric
1 x White Fabric
1 x Carry Bag