Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit for Round Heads

Versatile and Modular

This is the newest version of the accessory pack for the X200 Round Head and Godox V1 Round Heads which brings new creative potential to an already convenient and modular system.

Magnetic and Stackable

Each modifier snaps into firmly into place using integrated magnets, and you are not limited to using just one attachment at a time.  Want to use a correction gel with your bouncer attachment?  Easy.  Want to use a wide angle diffuser under a grid?  Hey, we're not judging.

Stores effortlessly

All of the accessories fit conveniently into an included case.


These accessories snap onto the X200 Round Head, AK-R16 Holder, and V1 Round Head Speedlites.  They will not fit on the stock head attachments for the X200/Godox AD200.


-1 x Barndoor set
-1 x Flexible Snoot
-1 x Folding Bouncer
-1 x Grid Attachment
-1 x Dome Diffuser
-2 x Gel Holder
-1 x Green Colour Gel
-2 x Frosted Gels
-3 x CTO Gels (1/4, 1/2, full)
-1 x Wide Angle Diffuser
-1 x Carrying Case