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Godox AK-R22 Diffusion Dome for Round Heads

A Diffused Bare Bulb Effect

Diffusion domes are simple and effective modifiers when you need light in every direction.  Send it overhead to light an entire space, or mimic a multi-light setup by utilizing nearby surfaces for some bounce.  

Godox Mount

The AK-R22 Diffusion Dome joins the AK-R1 accessory ecosystem for Godox's V1 and other round head flashes.  We also have a version of this diffuser with a Godox Speedring here.


This diffuser collapses for easy transportation.

Special Notes

1. The AK-R22 will appear slightly pink.  Godox states that this is an intentional magenta correction for the AD100 Pro and V1 flashes.  We will update our product pictures  reflect the actual appearance of the product shortly.

2. Small, enclosed modifiers can trap a lot of heat. We suggest avoiding consecutive high-powered flashes. Allow the dome diffuser to cool before handling it.

*Camera and speedlite in product images is shown for illustration purposes and is not included.