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Godox V-11T Colour Correction Gel Kit for Round Heads

Expand your creative vision

Easily match ambient light sources or warm or cool your flash kelvin temperature with this easy-to-use gel set. These are high-quality correction gels from the German Q Max line.

Lots of Choice

Included in the set are four CTO filters, four CTB filters, five Tough Plus Green filters, and three Tough Minus Green filters for a total of thirty-two filters.

Fits All Round Heads

Each gel comes specifically cut to fit the Godox AK-R16 holder which fits directly to the AD200/X200 Round Head, V1 Speedlites and S-R1.  (the AK-R16 filter holder is included in the AK-R1 Accessory Kit)

How to Mount

Take the clear disks from AK-R16 (sold separately) and put a gel between them and then lock it into the ring.  From there it's as simple as using the magnets to attach it to your light.


"What's that smell?" is not a question you want to hear on your set.  Not all gels are created equal. You can trust these ones to hold their own over hundreds of flashes.


-2 x Sun CTO Filters #204
-2 x Sun 1/2 CTO Filters #205
-2 x Sun 1/4 CTO Filters #206
-2 x Sun 1/8 CTO Filters #223
-2 x Full CTB Filters #201
-2 x Blue 1/4 CTB Filters #203
-2 x Blue 1/8 CTB Filters #218
-2 x Tough Plus Green Filters #244
-2 x Tough 1/2 Plus Green Filters #245
-2 x Tough 1/4 Plus Green Filters #246
-2 x Tough 1/8 Plus Green Filters #278
-2 x Tough Minus Green Filters #247
-2 x Tough 1/2 Minus Green Filters #248
-2 x Tough 1/4 Minus Green Filters #249
-2 x Tough 1/8 Minus Green Filters #279