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Black Friday Bundle: Rapid Snap Softbox Duo

Build a Studio

Strobepro's revolutionary Rapid Snap Softboxes are here, and we're giving you the unique opportunity to buy them in pairs at an extra special introductory price. Whether you're building your first studio or you just feel like making the switch, grab 'em while they're hot!

Customized to Your Needs

Any combination of two Rapid Snap softboxes will qualify you for the discount.  Select your first and second choices from the dropdown menus.

Multiple Speedring Choices (See notes below)

The speedring is user changeable to any of the most popular strobe mounts.  Bowens (Strobepro), Profoto, Elinchrom, Alien Bee (Einstein) and even Godox speedrings are available.  Just loosen two screws and slide in the new speedring.

Game Changing Design

The Strobepro Rapid Snap softboxes were designed with portability, weight, and speed in mind. It folds flat and sets up in a snap! Compared to umbrella-style softboxes, the Rapid Snap takes up half the space in your bag, weighs at least 25% less, and still sets up in seconds. These are the most versatile and portable softboxes on the market.

Fastest, Easiest Setup Ever

Just fan out the rods, and snap the speedring mount together. That's it.

Huge Space Savings

The unique snap mechanism allows the speedring mount to fold in half while not in use. Its packaged size 50% thinner than our Rapid Pro softboxes! You can fit twice as many softboxes in your Ultimate Kit Bag, checked luggage or vehicle.

It's A Lean, Mean, Light Shaping Machine

The new mechanism allows us to remove all the inner support structure found in our Rapid Pro softboxes, which saves about 25% of the total weight.  Your assistant should complain 25% less about carrying them.

No Inner Mechanism

Without umbrella rods to get in the way, the Rapid Snap Softbox can be easily gelled, and you can depend on an unobstructed projection even when the inner diffuser is not in use.

Your Time is Money

Please tell us you're not still using softboxes with detachable rods. The first time you snap the Strobepro Rapid Snap Series together, you'll be contemplating what other revelations you could have missed in your life. 

Optional Honeycomb Grid

Add even more control by purchasing the optional honeycomb grid.  Grids are awesome for preventing flare and directing light exactly where you want it.

Leave The Diffusers

Go ahead and leave your diffusers attached. They'll stay protected because there is no inner mechanism to snag it on.

Super Slim Carrying Case

The included carrying case is all new as well. It is flat with a zippered opening at one end.  Just slide your softbox in, zip it up, and you're good to go.

Inner Diffuser Included

Doubling up your diffusion ensures that light hits every part of the front diffuser as evenly as possible, but you can optionally remove the inner diffuser to squeeze out an extra stop.

Easy to Gel

We mentioned this already, but it deserves its own header.  Since there's no inner mechanism to worry about, your creative or correction gels can be easily taped into place.


- Any two (2) Rapid Snap Softboxes (choose from dropdown menus).
- 2 x Bowens Speedring

Notice Regarding Speedrings:

In addition to Bowens, we have the following speedrings available for our Rapid Snap Softboxes:

-Alien Bee/Einstein/Balcar/White Lightning
-Godox Mount (fits the AD300 Pro and AD400 Pro)

If you require a mount other than Bowens, please place your order and then send an email including your order number to  We will make any necessary changes prior to shipping your order.  Profoto speedrings are available at an additional cost.