Savage Seamless Translum 4.5'- Heavyweight

Durable Plastic Diffusion

Our original, heavy grade creates a dramatic soft light effect where diffusing light over a large area is desired. This grade is an ideal and cleanable surface for shooting tables and portrait diffusion.


Please note shipping carriers now charge  a $17 CAD oversize charge per paper roll. Paper is NOT included in any free shipping promotions. You will be emailed a separate invoice for the shipping automatically.  Orders will ship as soon as this invoice is paid. Charge does not apply to store pickup.

Multi Use

Easily cut with scissors, Translum™ is also ideal for cutting silhouettes.


Ideal for creating smooth and even backgrounds in portraits, commercial photography, product photography, video photography, and much more. 

Easy to Use

Just unroll what you need. Clean with a damp cloth or cut off it it ever gets damaged. 

Use with Strobepro Stands

Works great with our background stand or lifting shaft rollers and brackets.


Color: Heavyweight Diffusion

Item Thickness F-Stop Light Loss
Heavyweight (54″ x 18′) .0135″ Styrene (.3429mm) 2 -64%